Guitar Lessons

All PMS course books contain a link where you will find all the material in the books plus practice tracks. PMS grade 1 is equivalent to the London College of Music Grade 1 examinations and each consecutive grade but grade exams are not compulsory. The PMS grades also equip students for standard and higher grade music.

The junior course is introductory and for 5 to 7 year olds only. This course keeps the lessons fun with songs like "My Dads Got Smelly Feet" but they also learn 6 notes and three chords, which prepares them for the beginner grade at the PMS. The PMS guitar course gives a solid foundation in music notation, chord boxes and guitar tablature. Beginner students begin with two books PMS Guitar Course Book 1 (music notation) and PMS Electric Guitar Course Book 1(guitar tablature) both books use chord boxes. All the course books contain a CD with all the material in the book and also have practice tracks which can be used in the classroom. The two books are used for the beginner and preliminary grades (2 years).